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1785 Margaret Ann Cutler born.

1787 Charles Freake born, subsequently Hon. Corps of Gentlemen-at-Arms,

1813 Charles Freake and Margaret Anne Cutler married.

1814 Sir Charles Freake born.

1816 Margaret Ann Freake born.

1818 James Freake born.

1822 Maria Freake born.

1822 Margaret Anne Cutler

1823 Charles Freake remarried to Mary Weller.

1835 Sir William Clay of Fulwell Lodge elected to parliament.

1837 Charles Freake (victualler) died.

1844 Charles James Freake married Eliza Pudsey Wright.

1846 Charles William Freake born.

1848 Thomas George Freake born.

1855 Charles William Freake died.

1863-64 Local railway lines.

1868 Thomas George Freake married Frederica Charlotte Mary Maitland, daughter of Frederick Thomas Maitland Lt.Col (1807-1883) and Emily Augusta Mary Newlands ( -1855).

1869 Sir William Clay of Fulwell Lodge died.

1872 Thomas Charles Freake born.

1876 Frederick Maitland Freake born.

1881 Dorothy Freake died.

1882 Charles Freake becomes 1st Bt Fulwell.

1884 Sir Charles Freake died, leaving most of his fortune to his grandson Thomas Charles.

1890 Scandal of Sir Thomas Freake.

1891 Cecil Penelope Freake married Jesse Devenish Gouldsmith.

1892 Thomas Charles Freake died after being thrown from his horse. (What happened to his inheritance from his grandfather? Being under 21, had he actually received it?)

1894 Frederick’s sister Frederica (Freda) Katherine married the wonderfully-named Cecil Pery Van Notten-Pole Bt. (1863-1948).

1900 Frederick Maitland Freake wins a polo silver medal in the Olympics.

1900 Eliza Pudsey Wright died.

1900 Margery Freake married

1901 Margery Freake died, two weeks after giving birth.

1904 Charles Arland Maitland Freake born.

1906 The land on which our house stands was sold by the syndicate to builder George Arthur Gale.

1908 Frederick Maitland Freake again wins a polo silver medal in the Olympics.

1912 Builder George Arthur Gale declared bankrupt.

1913 Frederick Maitland Freake toured the US as part of a polo team.

1918 Frederick Maitland Freake promoted to temporary captain, RA.

1920 Thomas George Freake died.

1927 Seymour Pleydell Bouverie died

1929 Builder George Arthur Gale stood for parliament in Fulham West.

1930 Our house filmed on the Trolley Bus film.

1933 George Arthur Gale registered the freehold of “Roughwood and land in rear, Ember Lane, Esher, Surrey” where he eventually built an estate.

1940 Frederica Katherine Freake died.

1950 Frederick Maitland Freake died.

1951 Charles Arland Maitland Freake died.

1957 Martin Harry Watson born.

1967 Alice Laird born.

1990 Martin Harry Watson met Alice Laird.

1995 We bought our house.

2012 Research started into the history of our house.

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