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July 2014 - I have just discovered that clicking on many of the photos on this site no longer takes the viewer to a larger version of the picture. This is due to some change made by Flickr who host my photos.  I am investigating the cause, but I donít think the solution will be quick or simple. This link takes you to a roughly chronological directory of all my photos (54,000 of them!) and this link takes you to a index page. Either of these options should help you find what you are seeking.

As Iíve said elsewhere already, almost all of our pictures are now hosted by Flickr.  This makes it much easier for me to maintain them. I just select the ones that I want to show and upload them.  The Flickr site then sizes and formats them, and generates the code that lets me put them here.  All the pictures on this page will change randomly for each particular category, each time you visit this page or refresh it.. To see more pictures from a particular category just click on one and you will be whisked off to the Flickr page that holds them.  Alternatively use the links on the submenu above to select Holidays, Friends, Family, etc and you will see a page dedicated to that category, again with the option to link to more of that type.

My current camera is a Canon SX130.

This Sony DSC-W5 is my second digital camera, having had my first one who for over four years. The battery on that one was failing to keep its charge and as a new battery was going to be £40, I decided it was time to buy a new camera with rechargeable batteries. The battery life is astonishing, the camera is extremely full featured, an asset to me but possibly not to people that don't like sophisticated gadgets! I can only think that the people who say it's impossible to take a picture that isn't blurred must have very shaky hands. I've taken photographs of children animals and inanimate objects were no problems at all. I'm sure all cameras have improved a lot since I bought my first one, but I was stunned with the sophistication of this. My only slight criticism is that I seem to have a tiny bit of dust on the inside of the lens. The document patience states that it is neither waterproof nor dust proof.

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