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Seymour Pleydell Bouverie




Seymour Pleydell Bouverie (Capt. West Somerset Yeomanry, b. 26th May 1856 - St George Hanover Square, London - d. 22nd March 1927, Rutland, marrying Alice Mary Campbell in 1880), seems to have been much more prominent, and with three such distinguishing names, easier to trace. More here and here.  He was the son of Philip Pleydell Bouverie , and grandson of another Philip Pleydell Bouverie (1788-1828), whose father was Jacob Pleydell-Bouverie, 2nd Earl of Radnor, a Whig politician and Chairman, Grand Junction Canal Co. 1821-40.  His mother, Jane Seymour, was the daughter of a Tory politician, Henry Seymour.  The Earls of Radnor, had the following coat of arms:

    Quarterly,1 and 4, per fesse or and argent, an eagle displayed with two heads sable, on the breast an escutcheon gules, chaiged with a bend vair (ancient arms of Bouverie) ; 2 and 3, argent, a bend gules, guttee-d'eau, between two ravens sable,a chief chequy 01 and of the last (Pleydell). Mantling, sable and or. Crest Upon a wreath of the colours, a demi-eagle with two heads displayed sable, ducally gorged or, on the breast a cross crosslet argent. Motto " Patria cara, carior libertas."

Here is a picture of the 2nd earl, from Salisbury Guildhall

The 4th Earl first came to live in Cross Deep, Twickenham in 1722.

Coleshill House in Berkshire was the ancestral home of the Pleydell Bouveries, belonging to Sir Thomas Freake who sold it, in 1626.  We’ll come to the Freake family later...  I wonder if there is any connection with nearby Coleshill Road here in Teddington.  The Coleshill link refers also to the 1765 joining of the Pleydell and Bouverie families.  It also mentions both Radnor and Longford echoed locally in the names of Radnor Road and Radnor Gardens in Strawberry Hill, and the nearby Longford River, although this latter might be a coincidence.  More about Coleshill House.

There is extensive detail on the Pleydell family here on a website about their history in Lyneham in Wiltshire, including a portrait by Sir Joshua Reynolds, who, believe it or not, was born in Plympton (see above, re John Martyn Andrew) and became its mayor.

Seymour’s grandfather, Philip started in banking as a clerk, and by 1832 the business was known as Bouverie, Norman and Murdoch.  In 1855 his firm merged with Ransom and Company, to become Ransom, Bouverie and Company.  The London Gazette shows that both Seymour and his (grand-?)father Philip were on the board of Ransom, Bouverie & Co, bankers. In 1888 they became Barclay, Bevan, Tritton, Ransom, Bouverie & Co. at 54 Lombard Street.  In  1896 they became Barclay & Co.  See also Wikipedia

(Another director of Ransom, Bouverie & Co. was Arthur Kinnaird, 11th Lord Kinnaird.  It’s worth reading his Wikipedia article as his sporting career is truly remarkable, least of all his scoring the first significant own goal in football history, not to mention excelling at tennis, swimming, canoeing and fives.  The picture is quite a hoot too.)

This site lists Seymour as being a member of the Beaufort Hunt, but with a date of 1845, eleven years before his birth.  This may be a scanning error. In 1913, as Seymour Pleydell Bouverie of Whissendine, he became Sheriff of Rutland. Seymour died in 1927, having suffered from pneumonia for 20 years.

Born on 1900 to Seymour Pleydell Bouverie and Alice Mary Campbell was a son, Philip Hales (Hales being a family name) who subsequently married Alice Margaret Ingram and had a child. Philip Hales then married Beth Olivia Gage and had 2 children. He passed away in 1951.

Bouverie Street runs south from Fleet Street to Victoria Embankment. Pleydell Street branches off it.  Pleydell Court is an alleyway between Fleet Street and Pleydell Street.

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