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Maize Maze


The Great Movie Maze and YOU ARE THE STAR!

Wind your way through pathways of corn and movie sets from your favourite films. Whether your preference is action, adventure or sci-fi, Davis' Mega Maze is an interactive blast for the whole family. This all-natural, 3-D adventure is REELS of FUN!

Davis' Mega Maze is carefully planned and constructed by the Davis farmers. Over 12,800 labor hours are required to create this living sculpture each year before opening day. Crews include research, concept, art, filming, site development, field cultivators and crop specialists, set builders and designers, system coordinators, and the "action team" that carves the maze.

These pictures were taken on the last day of the 2006 International Puzzle Party in Boston, MA, USA.  All attendees have been accounted for!

Larry gives final instructions

Mr & Mrs Puzzle are lost

The Dutch team just look over the top...

For some it seems like an afternoon stroll...

Rikishi looks calm and confident...

Who will Finnish first...?

Professor Kotani captures the moment.

Is that bridge 6 or 9?

Alice looks confident!

...but so does Wei-Hwa!

Andreas & Rick survey from above.

I need a drink already!

Where have they all gone?

Vaclav takes a break.

The Millers’ tale

Frans & Markus take in the scenery

Frank & Lesley look downtrodden

Will Dick get disentangled?

A bridge too far?

The long and winding road...

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