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I occasionally get unsolicited email from puzzles collectors all over the world. I always answer these nice emails, and I have decided to start adding the letters and my replies here, (most recent at the top) as I think that others will find them interesting.  Everybody enjoys reading ĎProblem Pageí features, so here is the puzzle version. If someone asks me for a solution, I never provide these, although I will give a hint, and it is most rewarding, a few days later, to receive a follow-up email, telling me that the puzzle has been solved, and that it was much better to have a hint than a solution. I have not included any of these hints here, as I do not wish spoil anyoneís fun.

Please continue to email me about any puzzle related topic!


If anyone does e-mail you with how to get hold of one I would appreciate knowing. Looks great fun. FP, Chelmsford, England

    FP, If anyone lets me know, youíll be the first to hear from me!

I like your website, especially the bubbles that follow the mouse around on some of the links from the main page.  The site was quick to load which I think is an important point, speed being more important than fancy graphics.  AB, London, England

    AB, Many thanks for your comments.

Why oh why have you added the ridiculous and annoying feature with dots and things following the cursor?  PZ.

    Thanks for your comments.  Currently those in favour of the elastic balls are in the lead!

Hi Martin. I have only just come across your web site. I'm surprised that I haven't come across you before. I sell puzzles at Covent Garden Apple Market, often along side Kevin Holmes, and have just launched a range of nail puzzles which I've started wholeselling. If you get a chance visit my site at I live and work in London, so due to our closeness I would be very interested to meet you at some stage. I met another puzzle enthusiast - TR - recently who, by my calculations must live practically next door to you. Like everyone else I've met in the puzzle business he is completely mad and entertained me 'til midnight with suitcase after suitcase of bizarre and wacky stuff.

Great web site BM, Benís Brainbenders, London, England

    Ben, many thanks for your kind comments, Iíll say hello next time Iím up in town.

Dear Martin, have you any idea at all where I could purchase the elusive Baffle Ball?  I have spent many years trying to find one, and you are the only person who seems to have any details on the product.  I would be very grateful of any info you could send me. Thanks for your time, great site by the way. Look forward to hearing from you, thanks again.

CM, Liverpool, England

    CM, you are the second person to ask me about this.  I've asked lots of fellow collectors, but nobody had a spare one.  If ever I see another, I'll buy it for stock.

Dear Martin

Have you any idea where I would be able to purchase a Baffle Ball. I have been searching for one for years, I noticed one on your site and was wondering if you would consider selling it as I am desperate to get hold of one. Look forward to hearing from you, great site by the way. Thanks a lot. S

    Hello S, the bad news is that I don't want to sell or exchange my Baffle Ball. The only good news is that I will do all I can to try and get you one, but I have never seen another. I have many friends who collect mechanical puzzles and I will contact them to let them know that you are looking for one. I will also add a note to the Baffle Ball page on my web site to that effect.

Your website sounds brilliant and I am about to investigate it! DP, London

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