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Puzzling People


Some puzzlers at play, or is it more serious than that?

Never too young to start.

Sliding Blocks for cats

Experts try deciphering the hand writing on Simon’s Xmas card.

Puzzling makes you short-sighted.

Strange-ism and Sir Nob

What real puzzlers do with 10 dexterity maze puzzles!

Start of 2002 100m “Dalgety Dash”

When will he stop puzzling and pay me some attention?!

Brian Young boasts to Dirk Weber about the size of Oz burrs

Alice, Karen & Marianne conspire to destroy our puzzles!

Even high-speed cameras can’t cope with the speed of Robert Reid and a cube puzzle.

Alice and Karen conspire to hide the last piece.

Inaugural meeting of the van Deventer/Curtis Tessellating Shirt Club

Caption? Who needs one!

John admires Jim’s efforts to open a shrink-wrapped puzzle.

Alice’s niece tidies away one of my puzzles.

Now to get that last piece in!


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