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Fear Absolute


25 years ago in 1981 I was on holiday in Tennessee. We decided, four lads in our early twenties, to visit a popular local amusement, a haunted house. Initially you were lead to in to a small room with a big ornamental fireplace and only the one door. We quickly realised you had to twist the candlesticks on the mantelpiece to reveal a sliding panel, leading to a corridor to the rest of the haunted house.

Various other classic haunted house scenarios were met. Sometime later we were on the second-floor overlooking the entrance hall. At one end of the corridor I saw this small area about two yards square, and a sign advertising the view over the chandelier. It could be seen as the chandelier descended on a chain from high up in the House to somewhere below me. I sauntered along the corridor, towards the small balcony, looking forward to my view of the chandelier! As I stepped onto the overhanging balcony, the whole structure hinged downwards by about one inch. I frantically grabbed hold of the railings, preparing myself to plummet two floors down, while my three friends looked on hysterically! I can still remember that fear today.

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