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Common Sense


I've been meaning to add this article to the website for many months, no, for  several years.  I realise that every unthinking individual in the country has their own view, well, on just about everything, but I really do feel that there is so much stupidity in our existence in 21st century Britain.

We have a democratic society which has slowly evolved over hundreds of years. However, daily, we read about the most ludicrous decisions made by those in authority, who, we have supposedly elected or have been appointed by those we have elected.

We currently have a system whereby about 650 ladies and gentlemen sit in Parliament and make decisions on our behalf.  Is there a single person in this entire country who agrees with every decision that they have made? Is there a single person in this entire country who has not found something  ludicrous with which to disagree, in respect of decisions made by the aforementioned 650?

These 650 have decided for many different reasons to promote themselves as potential leaders of our country. Some of them, probably, have ambitions which include leading the entire country, as Prime Minister. Some of them probably, just want to represent the wishes of a small proportion of the country, their local community. Although I care passionately about my country, and my local community, I would not describe myself as overtly political. If I had to define 10 aspects of 21st century British life about which I have views, I doubt that whoever is my local MP would agree with me on those 10 aspects. (I'm not even sure who he or she is or what party he or she represents),

I have attended polling stations at every national and local election at which I have been entitled to vote, since I reached the age of majority, over 30 years ago. Of these theoretical 10 aspects of 21st century British life, I doubt that I have ever voted for somebody who has agreed with me on more than six to eight of these.

This makes me wonder whether our current political environment is correct, or even valid, for modern-day life. I was too young to vote, in the early 1970s, in the referendum for Britain's membership of the European Economic Community. Subsequently this has frustrated me. However, the idea of a referendum in a democratic society seems a little incongruous. We have this situation where normally decisions of a national importance are made by our elected representatives. Then suddenly one day in the 1970s we were allowed to think and vote for ourselves. That concept even 30 years later  seems a little strange.

I really don't feel that the politicians of various parties currently sitting in Westminster represent and express the wishes of the population at large.

I really do believe that the 650 politicians in Westminster are acting for reasons other than the betterment of the country at large. Some are minor self-publicists, some are frustrated rock stars, some are bullies, and many are just looking for their 15 minutes of fame. I just wonder if more of the decisions made in our name should actually be made by us the people, for us the people.

After this admittedly overly long preamble, I will now suggest that we have, a Minister For Common Sense. This position would be apolitical, and, in keeping with common sense, would not need to be elected. Clearly, the requirements would be that this Minister had an excessive quantity of common sense.  He would need to be respected by the community at large. He would need to have the gravitas to promote himself, even appoint himself, in the national interest, but putting the country before his ego.

Names that immediately spring to my mind are, Terry Wogan, Michael Parkinson, even Frank Skinner, possibly Gary Lineker, Richard Branson, or me.

The main function of the Minister For Common Sense would be to ensure that common sense prevailed in this country. To be continued...

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