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Eon  Complaint


Dear Sir or Madam,

 I am writing to both E.on and S R J Debt Recoveries to complain in the strongest possible terms with regard to the pending enforcement action letter I received from S R J Debt Recoveries this week.

I look forward to hearing from both your organisations within 21 days of the postmark of this recorded letter.

We would point out that we have no knowledge of any such debt being owed to the addressees of this letter.

We are familiar with the CPUTR 2008 and the Office of Fair Trading's Guidance on debt collection, which states that it is unfair to send demands for payment to an individual when it is uncertain that they are the debtor in question.

If you are unable to meet this deadline, I will put this matter in the hands of our family solicitors. I cannot over-emphasise the distress and worry that this intimidating letter has caused us. I trust that both your organisations will immediately implement a thorough investigation into how this letter came to be sent to us.  When I first read the document, copy enclosed, I thought it was some sort of scam, in view of the clearly incorrect details, and various inconsistencies between the letter and the quoted website. I would like to clarify several matters for you.

Firstly, we have lived at this address for 15 years, and nobody called Flannery Flannery has ever lived here during that time. To the very best of my knowledge nobody called Flannery Flannery lived at the house during the previous 17 years, when one other family owned this house.

Secondly we are not, and never have been customers of E.on.

Thirdly, I am very concerned as to why either of your organisations have our address on your records.

Fourthly, we do not have any connection with the address similar to ours, but in Harrow, Middlesex that is shown on the pending enforcement action letter.

As my telephone records will show, we spent well over one hour on Saturday morning firstly checking with our bank to ensure direct debits had been paid as arranged, before checking with our very efficient electricity supplier that we did not owe them any money.   Our electricity supplier assured us that our account was fully paid-up.

I then contacted E.on, speaking to a lady named Rina, at some considerable length, to try and get to the bottom of this. I was left on hold for some great time, before I was passed to a gentleman who identified himself as Musa, at S R J Debt Recoveries. He merely promised to remove our name from the records of S R J Debt Recoveries. I very much feel that neither of these representatives of your companies was particularly interested in our problem, with us not being one of your customers.

I am a security-cleared member of British Transport Police, and as such I am expected to ensure that there are no financial irregularities in my life. Any hint of this sort of problem would radically affect my security clearance, and at worst could cost me my job.  I am also very concerned that many people receiving correspondence such as yours might just have simply paid the money demanded. I am equally troubled that some people would have just thought that it was some sort of trick, and ignored it, only to find out the truth when the bailiffs arrived at their front door.

I also have the cost and inconvenience of having to have our credit ratings checked as a result of these events.

I am thoroughly puzzled as to how your two companies can arrange for a pending enforcement action to be sent to me by a debt collection company when I have had no prior dealings with either of your organisations. It surprises me that I did not receive earlier correspondence from E.on, before this matter was passed to a debt collection agency.  I am angry that your organisations do not appear to have any way of validating the data passed between you. The Data Protection Act, with which I am very familiar, through my professional life, makes the law in this area very clear.

In addition to hearing from you with the results of very thorough investigations, I would also suggest that you each offer compensation to us for the considerable stress and worry caused, and the administration involved in fixing your errors, in the sum erroneously claimed, 104.27, plus any additional amount which you feel would help to rectify this atrocious series of blunders, and to discourage me from passing this matter to our solicitors. In return I will ensure that you receive no adverse publicity as a result of these errors.

As stated earlier I look forward to hearing from you within 21 days.

   Yours sincerely,

       Martin Watson

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