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Free Puzzles


Every so often I get begging emails for unwanted puzzles.  Really! Sadly I am not a registered charity. However I have decided to address this hole in the puzzle market by designing and publishing free puzzles. So here is the new (Jan 2003) If you dont ask, you dont get page!!
These puzzles are designed to be printed, cut into pieces and solved.  Ideally thin card should be used to increase durability.  160gsm is quite adequate, but check your printer manual to ensure that your printer can handle thin card. These puzzles are extensively tested on one printer. Id be grateful to hear of any compatibility problems.
In my misspent youth I used to laboriously make puzzles out of old cereal boxes. Hopefully some of these puzzles will save you the trouble.
In most cases the instructions are printed on the same page(s) as the puzzles. Sometimes the instructions are given separately. More will follow.
NEW JAN 2004 !!!

Plaity Push Puzzles. Mind-twisting PDF folding puzzles to print, cut, fold and solve.

These HTML links will soon (late Jan 2004) be supplemented with PDF files. I now have the facility for creating PDF files. I will be adding a lot more here in 2004.

3x3 PentaTiles an ingenious tile non-edge-matching puzzle based on pentominoes.

The Coins on a Beer Mat Puzzle how many coins can cover the drip mat?

DemiTri - a 12-piece 7x6 packing puzzle. See here for full details. Please not that this is an MS Word 2000 file.  I hope to add a PDF file soon.  If you can not handle MS Word files, save the picture here and print it full page size.

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