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Teddington Quiz

At a recent gathering of friends there was a quiz all about Teddington.  Compilers, our friends Alan and Hilary, kindly gave me permission to reproduce it here. Alan is a local lighting cameraman and FCP editor who works in numerous areas of broadcasting and video production. I am not going to provide answers, so keep researching and keep exploring Teddington to find the answers.  Oh, Alice and I, and our team-mates David and Estelle were the winners!!

Identify the sly shots of Teddington places in between tackling the general knowledge.




  1. Which French aristocrat lived in Twickenham during the early nineteenth century?
  2. Who was responsible for the creation of Strawberry Hill House?
  3. Who was the Supreme Commander of Camp Griffiss in Bushy Park?
  4. In which year was Teddington Station built?
  5. Marble Hill House was built for the mistress of the Prince of Wales. Which King did this prince become?
  6. Which Scottish-American philanthropist provided the funds to build Teddington Library?
  7. Which war-time code breaker worked at NPL from 1945-8?
  8. Which tea-merchant occupied Dial House in Twickenham?
  9. In which year was the first lock at Teddington completed?
  10. Who was the founder of Normansfield Hospital?






Arts & Entertainment

  1. Whose theatrical canine companion was “Fanny the Wonderdog”?
  2. Which Teddington-born actress was nominated for a 2008 BAFTA for her role in Atonement?
  3. In which year did the Rolling Stones enjoy a weekly residency at the Eel Pie Hotel
  4. Who was allegedly “discovered” by Long John Baldry playing harmonica on Twickenham railway station?
  5. Who turned on the Teddington Christmas lights in 2012
  6. Which eighteenth century actress gave her name to a cottage in Teddington High Street and a close in Hampton Wick?
  7. Which famous playwright was born in Waldegrave Road in 1899?
  8. Which former Twickenham resident wrote “O grave where is thy victory? O death where is thy sting?”
  9. How did the Strawberry Hill Boys abbreviate themselves to find pop fame?
  10. Which famous novelist lived in Gomer House, Teddington?



  1. What were the former names of these Teddington hostelries?

                The Hogarth
                The Park
                The Bloated Mallard
                Pizza Express
                The Clockhouse

  2. What was the former function of 69 Broad Street Teddington? 
  3. Which road name in Teddington is an anagram of its former name?
  4. Which famous Monty Python sketch was filmed at Teddington Lock?
  5. Which rock and roll singer of the 1950s was responsible for the concrete "Union Sculpture” on the side of the east stand at Twickenham Stadium?

Finally, here Is a Photo Montage of Teddington and the Hamptons taken on 1st January 2010 by Alan.  Alan is a local lighting cameraman and FCP editor who works in numerous areas of broadcasting and video production. He did not play clarinet on this soundtrack, it Is 3 Piece Suite by Clariphonia.



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