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8th October 2007

It was a busy weekend! On Saturday we had our first autumn visit to the London Wetlands Centre at Barnes, from where, sadly, Alice's favourites, the sand martins and swallows, have already departed, for a South African winter.

In the evening we went to an excellent party hosted by our friend Hilary, where the theme was Oktoberfest.

Yesterday Alice's parents hosted a wonderful lunch at a pub in Surrey, to celebrate the fact that Alice and I, and Alice's father, and Alice's newborn nephew Stanley, all celebrated birthdays ending in a zero this year. Alice's sister and her husband also celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. I'll leave you to work out the arithmetic. Alice's mother, Katherine, produced a booklet of photographs and the following commemorative poem:


          We are happy to celebrate here
          Four birthdays and an anniversary this year.
          Relax, enjoy your meal and have good fun; 
          Come back to the house when the meal is done.

          On February 1st, Stanley turned zero;
          He’ s surely destined to be a hero. 
          But with blond tufts of hair and a baby-gro suit, 
          At the moment he’s happy with just being cute.

          On February 11th, Alice turned forty - 
          She thinks that’s a licence to start being naughty! 
          While Martin, at fifty, shows no signs of wear, 
          Though he sometimes appears in the guise of a bear.

          It was ‘37, beginning of fall, 
          The stork came to Boundary Road Woking to call. 
          Grandad’s now seventy; a convivial bloke, 
          He’s usually up for a song or a joke.

          In 1987 we can well remember 
          Becky and David got married the 26th of September. 
          20 years of marriage, labour and joy, 
          Including the blessings of a fine girl and boy.

24th September 2007 - We are just back from our two-week summer holiday, on the Isle of Skye. Read the outline, with more to follow

070825 Cockcrow

August - Coming soon, details of our holiday in Berlin, which we had to take at short notice, as Alice recently got a new job and had a week of holiday to take before starting her new position.

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